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As nerve wracking as it was I am so glad I made this appointment with the new Fertility Clinic.

I learned so many things. Dr Kroach was doing things so wrong that he could have hurt me and especially could have caused a congential heart defect in any child that was conceived. I'm so angry...

Evidently clomid is recommended to be prescribed no more than 6 times in a lifespan. I've had it 13 times. It gives an increased risk of Heart defects in baby, and an increased risk of Ovarian/Cervical cancer in the woman.  Also, the metformin I was on has a minimum starting dose of 2G per day. He only had me on 1.5G so it wasn't even a therapeutic dosage. I feel like we threw away $7000 over the last 3 years.

The good news is this doctor, Dr Edward A.J. Ryan, is very up to date on proper medications and techniques.  In just the first appointment I've had 16 vials of blood drawn (El had 8 drawn), had a cervical swab, and an u/s. He's also tested my fasting sugar to make sure we have a good start.

He's suggesting we try a medication called Femara (it works better and is safer than Clomid) when we are ready to cycle. I think we'll do a trial run on the meds soon.

I go back on May 19 for a followup to all the tests.

On another note..... a month from now I get to go home to see my family.

I can't wait!

Kindest Regards,
Rebecca and Eldridge

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