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My Favorite Links
Here are some of my favorite places to visit on the web. 
  Gift Registry
#1 Wish List for Tyler
Wish List created and updated by Mom-Mom Baby Registry
Amazon's baby registry. Created for Tyler's first birthday, but often doesn't work. See my #1 Wish List above instead. Other entries here in this link section aren't so much "baby registry" as they are "cool shopping sites to share."
Bright Start College Savings Fund
Tyler's new college savings fund is super-easy to contribute to in small amounts as a gift on birthdays and holidays. Just print out a coupon from this link, fill in the information, and mail a check to Bright Start. Help us build toward a "bright" future for Tyler! (1-877-43-BRIGHT)
Account Owner: Valerie Iglar-Mobley
Name of Beneficiary: Tyler Iglar-Mobley
Account Owner Phone Number: 708-660-0579
Account Number: please e-mail Val for this info
One Step Ahead on-line store
This is a great site if you're looking for babygates, safety items, and other nifty, hard-to-find things. cloth diapers & natural supplies
This is a great site for cloth diaper supplies, including liners, plastic pants, bibs, slings, training pants, and natural wooden toys. Highly recommend this site for anyone looking for natural baby supplies.
The Magic Tree Bookstore
This is the Web site for our favorite independant local children's bookstore, a true Oak Park treasure. Check out the fun activities for kids! Shop locally; support independant small businesses. Yes, they do gift certificates.
  Family Sites
Cousin Alex's Web site
Here is the Web site for Tyler's cousin Alex Rayfield, son of Val's cousins Kelly and Gabe Perry. Alex was born January 21, 2005.
Cousin Aubry's Web site
This is the Web site for Tyler's cousin Aubry Elizabeth, daughter of Val's cousins Kelly and Gabe Perry. She was born on February 2, 2006.
Cousin Caitlin's Web site
This link isn't active, as the site is restricted to family. It's only listed here in honor of the site, which is excellent, and to note how much we love Caitlin! :-) Caitlin was born to cousins Paul and Tawnia Benton on October 13, 2005.
Cousin Nadia's Web site
This link takes you to the new website for Nadia, daughter of Ben's brother John and wife Helen. See photos from Nadia's visit on Tyler's birthday, and our visit for Nadia's first birthday.
Little Duckie Website
A new website for Tyler's expected brother-or-sister to come! Check here for ultrasound pics, updates, and eventually, birth pics!
Malachi & Tyler Play-Date Collage Page
A photo collage page set up by our friend Malachi Brian's mommy Michelle, featuring our play date with Malachi and Tyler at mutual friend Ann's house.
Memorial Page to GG
Entry on Mom-Mom's blog as a memorial to GG. We miss her terribly! We still have lots of sugar for her.
Mom-Mom's Blog
Mom-Mom's personal blog. Includes links to Val's costuming page and Ben & Val's MST3K trading page.
The Book Nook
Our on-line book club for friends and family. Check it out and join! Clink the link or go to and comment on book selections or join up and post your favorite books. Thank you Magdalene for the clever theme of an Iglenook Book Nook!
The Oak Park Public Library
This is where Daddy-O works! The Maze branch is just two blocks from our house, so Ben walks to work. Tyler's home daycare is just three blocks away and he can come in for storytimes. Be sure to click on the Maze link to see pictures of the current renovation, including interiors and staff in action. You may even see Daddy-O at work!
  Favorite Sites
Check out this site for more about Attachment Parenting, with links to local groups.
Brookfield Zoo
Check out our favorite local zoo! Ben says it's better than the San Diego zoo, even! Check out Mom-Mom's favorite butterflies summer exhibit. Look under Adventure Trail under Field Guide to the Animals for the Blue Poison Frog, our adopted animal in the Share the Care program.
Circus Forticus
This link will take you to the family blog of a friend of mine, Holli Fort, who has two little guys to feature on her site.
Dawn Paulsen Page
This link will take you to the blog of a friend of mine, Dawn Paulsen. It's a great blog.
Democracy For America
Democracy For America, or DFA, was founded by Howard Dean after he ran for President in 2004. We seek to promote fiscally responsible, progressive Democrat candidates at a grassroots level. We want to take back America from corporate interests and the Radical Right by replacing status quo seat warmers with a true Progressive fighting Party.
Democracy For Oak Park
Our local chapter of Democracy For America in Oak Park. Click this link to see Ben in action at our local Buzz Cafe. Tyler Dean, our own "Teenie Deanie," is a popular figure at meet-ups and forums.
Democratic Party of Oak Park (DPOP)
The official website of the Democratic Party of Oak Park, or DPOP (when you hear us talk about "dee-pop"). Ben and Val regularly volunteer for DPOP; Ben is a precinct captain, and we regularly take part in events. Check for pictures including us and Tyler in the photos section, especially the 4th of July Parade 2006 and future events.
Democratic Party of Oak Park parades 2005
See pictures of Ben along with other members of the Democratic Party of Oak Park (DPOP) in the July 4th 2005 parade with US Senator Dick Durbin, State Senator Don Harmon and his wife Teri and kids, and State Representative Deborah Graham. Also pictured are members of Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice. No Obama this year! He was kinda busy!
iVillage's Pregnancy & Parenting Page
A fun site for women, including pregnancy and parenting, and health pages, with the latest in information, a Q&A, and message boards. This was where we developed our birth plan for Tyler.
Legacy Publishing
This is the department where Mom-Mom works. Legacy Publishing produces historical chronicles which Val enjoys working on as a production editor. The latest is the Fifties Chronicle.
Natural Family Online
This site is full of information on raising kids naturally, including articles on Yoga, vegetarian lifestyle, whole and organic foods, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, and book reviews. A nice alternative to the mainstream with lots to consider.
Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice
Ben and Val are founding members of OPCTJ, a local group begun after 9/11 to seek out truth and justice through peaceful means. This group hosts events such as town hall meetings, forums, marches and vigils, and film showings, and works with other local groups and with elected officials to bring about change. Current issues include a paper trail for electronic voting, and responsible withdrawal of troops, for instance.
Positional Plagiocephaly Parents Support
This Web site illustrates repositioning techniques to prevent and correct flat head syndrome in babies. The site also includes information and links to resources, articles, and research on the subject. Since babies nowadays are placed on their backs to sleep, this is valuable information to us.
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