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Turning 1 And Here Comes Baby #2!

It has been such an exciting past couple months in the Hansman household and things are only going to get more exciting! I just turned one and loved all of my birthday parties. I got to see almost all of my great grandparents making the days super special. I am such a lucky girl!

I am learning new things everyday and perfecting my walking. I will take a couple steps but mostly, I would rather crawl. I really like to climb just about anything, including the steps which mommy and daddy don't like. I love to be outside and I let mom and dad know I am not happy when we go back in.  I am learning to repeat new words, though I don't always associate them right away. My new favorite thing to do is pick up any object that could remotely resemble a phone, put it to my face and say "hi". The remote control for the TV is one of my favorites :)

After spending time at day care and hanging out with my favorite cousin, Eliana, I decided I wanted a permanent playmate. Mom and Dad agreed it was time to think about expanding the family and poof, I am going to be a big sister!  Mommy and Daddy were told not to get their hopes up about having another baby, but I guess they are a perfect match and things just happened to work out for them. they are thrilled to be so lucky and to be blessed a second time. My little brother or sister is due to come January 31st. Because of Mommy's past and health issues the doctor estimates the baby to come closer to the week of January 10-15th. I guess we will just wait and see! Mommy is feeling great besides being tired. She was very sick when she was pregnant with me and this time, she says she is morning sickness free for the most part.  She is very thankful for this because I am all over the place and get into everything. Hey I am just curious and like to explore!

Things have been very exciting here and there have been a lot of changes! Between new jobs and the news of the new baby we have our hands full! Not to mention we are anxiously awaiting the birth of my new cousin in the Stier family. I finally get to be the big cousin for once and I can't wait!

I just got my 1 year pictures taken. I was a little pre-occupied by the dirt, water, bugs and grass at the park but you can see my photos at Go to DigiLabs Gallery and then type in sydney1yr. Let my mommy know if you would like any of the pictures as she will get the rights to them so they can be printed anywhere.

The next few months look very busy for the Hansman Family, but Mommy is going to try her best to keep updating the site so we can keep you all informed!

Kindest Regards,
The Hansman Family

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