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Jillian's First Birthday!

First, a reminder that this is the LAST entry on this site. Please check out our new family site at:

Jillian's first birthday was absolutely wonderful. On the 16th, we celebrated just a little bit (opened a few presents) but saved most of our energy for the big party on Saturday, the 17th. My sister Marilyn, Ryan’s brother Travis, my cousin Heidi, and girlfriend Sarah all flew in for the party. We are so lucky to have such special friends and family and are SO glad they were here to celebrate with us. Thank you guys!

Aside from enjoying their visit, I’m sure glad we had all that help around the house to prepare for Jillian’s party! We ended up with over 30 adults and more than 15 other babies/kids at the party. Thank goodness we had gorgeous weather- we spent most of the party in the backyard. We had a couple of tables set up, a large shade awning (we just bought at Costco for only 65 bucks!) an umbrella, and of course, balloons.

Early in the AM we sent the boys outside to prep the yard (they worked so hard!), and the girls got working in the kitchen and decorating the house. We had a great green salad, potato salad, mini quiche, chips, dips (Heidi made fresh salsa!), deviled eggs, a fruit platter with a yummy banana pineapple dip (Marilyn had this at another party and vouched for it… it was so good!), and hamburgers and hot dogs. Ryan and our friend Greg were at the grill straight through the first half of the party whipping out food. It was all delicious!

Aside from all that food, we had a beautiful cake (decorated with the new Sesame Street character Abby Cadabby) and ice cream. I also made a special little cake for Jillian heaped with frosting so she would be sure to make a disastrous mess. Mission accomplished! She started out a little slow… feeling the icing between her fingers, feeding cake to Daddy… and then she took a little taste herself. After that it was a MESS! There was cake/frosting on her pretty party dress, in her hair, all over the grass, covering her high chair, all over her face… PERFECT! Our pediatrician was even at her party so I asked in this kind of extreme sugar overdose was approved. His answer: “Most Definitely!”

After a quick rinse in the kitchen sink and a new outfit, (Jillian was not a huge fan of this part… she wanted to be out playing with her cake and friends I think…) we opened presents (a task that took a great deal of time since there were SO many gifts and because Jillian is not the fastest gift opener just yet…) and relaxed in the beautiful weather. Jillian got to stay up until 9pm playing with her toys and company and then crashed out. What a wonderful first day as a one year old! I know Jillian, Ryan and I are all looking forward to what this next year has in store for us.

Thanks so much to everyone for your guestbook entries, and interest in our little family. I SO enjoy sharing all of our latest news with you, and hope that you will continue checking in on us.

Take care,
The Kules Family

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