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What Others Say...
" enhanced communication and information sharing of our boys' life.   Our friends and family were able to see picture of them the day they were born and follow our lives as they grew.  Thank you for providing a user friendly and attractive site for us to utilize."
  - Rob, Peoria, IL
"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site! We have been using this since 2007 and have referred many friends and family to use your site as well.   It keeps us all connected and the miles between us seamless. Thank you!"
  - Carrie, Appleton, WI
"This site is very easy to use!!"
  - Tiffany, Corona, CA
"You guys are angels!!! Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share our joy and excitement with our friends and family spread out across the country and world! This is WONDERFUL!!!"
  - Sarah, Rockville, MD
"I've had your site for well over a year now, and I just LOVE it! My family and friends don't know what they would do without it. And I plan to add an additional website for our next baby in the near future. Thanks!!!"
  - Brandy, Morehead City, NC
"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for making this site! My family and friends love it. We are active duty military and not close to family or a lot of our friends. They are all able to keep up with our family thanks to the site.

A personal note; our home was robbed a few weeks ago. He stole the computer but more than the computer, he got all the digital photos on it. Thanks to the site we still have some photos of our newborn! If it were not for the site our little girls first 6 weeeks would be a loss. Again, thank you for creating and making it so easy to use. I upgraded soon after the baby was born and could not be happier with the decision! Kuddos to you"

  - Jana, Bartlett, TN
"Thanks so much for the great website!

It is so easy to use. We have family in several different states so it is nice to send them updates on the growth of our little one. Thanks again!"

  - Nikki, Omaha, NE
"Just wanted to tell you that is such a incredible service. The ability to share journals, photos, videos and growthcharts with all of our family from coast to coast is priceless. The site makes it so easy to update and upload photos. The functionality for the price is incredible. Thank you so much for providing a great service!"
  - Jennifer, West Seneca, NY
"I absolutely love your service! The process of creating and managing a site using your service is super simple, even for non technical people. I have received countless compliments from friends and family regarding the site. Being able to post pictures, videos, journal entries, and even growth charts using a simple web interface saves me countless hours each month over maintaining a traditional web site. Keep up the great work!"
  - Brian S., Seattle, WA
"It's been almost a year since I joined when my daughter was born and I just wanted to let you know that it has brought so much joy to so many people. My husband's family lives abroad and still haven't met our daughter, but Babysites has given them an insight into her growth and development as well as allowing me to share oodles of photos! ... THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
  - Shannon, Queensland, Australia
"I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing website. I was searching for a great baby site before my sister's baby shower & I came upon this site and set up a free webpage for her & handed out the link to all of our guests at the shower. My sister loves it, as do all of her family and friends. Its a great way to show off their new little angel! And my sister loves it so much, she upgraded to a premium account!! Everything about this place is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!! "
  - Tracy, Malvern, PA
"I just wanted to say that my family and I love babysites. My husband is in the military and we are over 5000 miles from home. We just had our first child and babysites has made everyone feel much closer together. We really appreciate the service you offer! Thank you again!"
  - Cari, Fairbanks, Alaska
"I love! :)

My beautiful grandaughter and her Mommy moved away and now she can share new pictures with me. I can look up to see new pictures she has added and to watch her grow. Thank you so much. Her best friend has a baby and told her all about it. I have told many people to check your website out. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!"

  - Sherri, South Bend, Indiana
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love, love, love this website! My husband and I relocated last year, which meant we had to move away from our families and good friends. This site was the perfect solution!! It's so cute (but professional looking) and so easy to use!!! Thank you for making it so easy...and so fun!"
  - Angela, Parker, CO
"I just love the website. What started as a great way to show off our family to long distance friends and family has turned into a whole network fo web babies. Everyday I add to my website but spend just as much time viewing all of our friends kids too. Bravo."
  - Rose, Morro Bay, CA
"You guys have a great product here...I was going to pay my web designer to build me a website that allows me to upload streaming video so my parent's can see their grandson grow up (they live far away). When she found your website she recommended it to me. It's been a great, affordable way for our families to see Wes grow up."
  - Warren, Del Mar, CA
"I love this service!! Since I live overseas, Babysites allows me to show my family and friends who live far away how my daughters are growing and what they are experiencing in their daily lives. The grandparents can't get enough of it. Thanks, Babysites, for helping my friends and family stay closer than the miles allow us!!!"
  - Andi, London, England
"It is so much easier than uploading photos to Yahoo Photos, plus the bells and whistles make it much more pleasing to the eye. It's just what we needed since neither of us are savvy enough to create our own web page."
  - Amy and Kevin, San Francisco, CA
"We just had to write to express how happy we are with We started sending photos to our family after our daughter was born but were dissatisfied with our options, i.e., only sending 1 or 2 as an attachment to an email or on sites where they try to sell copies of the photos with no messages or descriptions of the photos that were being sent. When we learned about, we were ecstatic! Now we could easily share not only our daughter's photos but also her videos, messages and a growth chart with all our family and friends---and it was all on a secure website (with passwords required)---our daughter's very own website! is so easy it has cut down time spent on the computer sharing with family and friends---time we will need since our 2nd child is on the way---and we can't wait to setup our new baby's website as well! The most difficult thing about is choosing which adorable template to use!!"
  - Derek and Chenoa, Redondo Beach, CA
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